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Khamis, 24 Mac 2011




Title Survey Module (TSM) is the one software that we use to collect the cadastral field data. This software consists of a few module and hardware. This software developed to meet the requirement of cadastral survey. As we know, the cadastral survey in Malaysia has grown rapidly. The basic of this software is MapInfo software where it has been modified for use in Tablet PC, Flash Card GPS and Total Station. TSM use began in 2002 when the Department of Survey and Mapping implemented the “field to finish” or F2F. TSM is used to collect survey data at the field fully automated. No longer using a manual booking. Compatible with the concept of F2F which is the title survey system is an integrated automated to the final output without incurring a lot of repetition in the work. When using the TSM, the error will be minimizing. This software is also very systematically because all the survey data will be recorded. The flow of works also we can see clearly because all the data has been noted time and date. No mistaken can be done by surveyor.

Rabu, 23 Mac 2011


1) Before starting doing a traverse, a starting point/base line must be set up.

2) To start, by using TSM software click on Starting Point and then click on any point on the PDUK

3) This table should be appeared


TSM Figure

You may click ok to proceed and then choose what type of mark for the point.


And the point that have been choose will be point 1

Determining Datum Line

  • Click on icon Base Line and then click the starting point

  • Click capture and make sure that there was a connection between the total station and toughbook. A “CL to target” window will display will appear and click ok. Do the same for CR.

  • After the observation has been made, click save and insert, Mark desc. The datum line will be in green colour.